The Factory Ministries brings the community together and empowers them to develop strategic collaborative partnerships for reaching out and helping people overcome poverty-related issues. Every local church, organization, business, school, government agency, and citizen has a role to fulfill for our communities to be healthy and resilient.


The Factory Ministries is the lead agency for the Together Initiative.  The Together Initiative is a movement where individual from each sector of the community can come together  to serve our community. Representatives from the non-profit, school district, churches, townships, and businesses meet to collaborate together on how to address poverty and other systemic community issues.  We believe the old adage is true: If you want to go faster, go alone, if you want to go further, go together.


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In order to help tell the story of the Together Initiative, members of the Together Steering Committee and our community are heading to Cincinnati October 4-6, 2015, to take part in the annual conference of the aha! Process on how to address issues of poverty in our community. We will be leading 7 different workshops, sharing what we are doing in our community and what we have learned along the way.

In order to raise awareness and funds for the Together Initiative, a team of 16 cyclists will ride to Cincinnati leaving Saturday, October 3rd. Our riders will be broken into 4 groups and will ride in a relay style for 635 miles all the way to Cincinnati. The aha! Process is teaming up with us to help this cause go national. We are still working out the details but this could turn into a national event to give both the Together Initiative and the aha! Process great exposure.


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