Life as a teenager is not easy, and difficulties increase significantly for students when
families struggle with poverty-related issues. The Factory Youth Center meets the needs
of teens by introducing them to a God who loves them unconditionally, providing them
with a safe and supervised environment for social activity, and offering programs and
assistance to help them when their needs are not met at home. Ultimately, The Factory
Youth Center instills hope in young people.


Open Door Nights

Students in grades 6-12 are invited to the Factory Youth Center on Mondays and
Thursdays from 6pm until 8pm for food, encouragement, and hanging out. Every Open
Door Night consists of a full course meal provided by area churches and businesses as
well as discussions about how God helps individuals overcome pain and obstacles in life.
All lessons are culturally relevant and contain a message of hope, and teens enjoy
interaction while learning healthy coping skills.



Committed adult volunteers demonstrate care and concern for local teenagers and help
build their confidence through support and mentoring. Students are matched one-on-one
with adults to help foster a positive relationship that will encourage teens to fulfill their
God-given potential and be successful.


After-School Program

From 3pm to 5pm on Wednesday afternoons, high school students show up at The Factory
House to unwind from school, grab a snack, and talk about life. Trained staff listen and
the teens positive support.


Homework Club

From 3pm to 5pm on Thursday afternoons, students who attend Pequea Valley Intermediate
School stay after school to receive help with their homework. Staff from The Factory
Ministries provides tutoring and assistance with school projects.