Community Training

The aha! Process “Bridges Out of Poverty”

In this one day workshop, participants will create a mental model of poverty, review poverty research, examine a theory of change, and analyze poverty through the prism of the hidden rules of class, resources, family structure and language. The seminar puts into words what many veteran professionals and community members have experienced. Throughout the workshop, participants will receive specific strategies for improving outcomes for people living in poverty, but the focus of the workshop is to provide a broad overview of the concepts. Chuck is a certified presenter of the Bridges out of Poverty workshop. To learn more more about the aha! Process, click here.

Also available in a half day workshop. 

Hourly Presentations on Addressing Poverty in Your Context

Customize the issue of poverty for your own context (School, Church, Community, Organization, etc.) Choose from topics like: “Working with Parents in Poverty,” “Educating Students in Poverty.” “From Enabling to Empowering,” “Collaboration on the Issue of Poverty,” “Myths of Poverty,” and many more!

Team / Collaboration Trainings

Learn from our Executive Director, Chuck Holt, on how to practically implement skills of collaboration into your team dynamic whether it be staff, volunteers, or community members. This training can be a half day workshop or facilitated in a weekend retreat format. Customize this training for Leaders with the workshop, “The Right People in the Right Seats: What you can’t see in a Resume” or for Church Outreach, “Why our Motives Matter: Letting Go of our Agendas.”

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