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The Factory Ministries Events

FOOD FRIDAY DONATION DROP-OFF: As closures began to occur due to COVID-19, The Factory Market experienced a significant increase in service. We began Food Friday Donation Drop-offs and the community rallied to fill the shelves of The Factory Market. While we have opened the market in a limited capacity, we are still running Food Friday Donation Drives.


The Factory Market is open for food donations Friday 9:00am-12:00pm. Please drop off donations at the Together Community Center, look for the orange Food Friday sign outside The Factory. Thank you for caring for your community in this way! For more information, contact Kerri Burns or call The Factory at (717)687-9594.  CLICK HERE TO CONTACT KERRI BURNS

Social Services

Be a Relational Support: 
Meet and develop a relationship with a participant in need of the listening ear and caring heart of a friend.

Provide Transportation: 
Provide transportation for participants to/from appointments.

Become a Community Care Team Member: 
Join us at the TCC for a time of social interaction with a mission of creatively caring for other community members through conversations over coffee, games, writing cards, and calling isolated seniors.

Facilitate a Workshop: 
Lead a class or series for our participants or become a Workshop Helper to aid the facilitator during class.

Factory Youth Center

Open Door Nights: 
Mentor and develop relationships at The Factory Youth Center during open door nights 6:00-8:00pm on Thursdays. 

After School Program:
Volunteer at Factory Youth Center on Tuesdays 2:45-5:00pm to help with our Afterschool Program.

The Factory Food Pantry

Provide Food for The Factory Market:
Donate food to The Factory Market or organize a local food drive.
Volunteer by walking participants through our Food Pantry.

Click here to view the Factory Market Grocery List


Teach Cooking/Nutritional Classes:
Teach a cooking class or series for our participants.

We appreciate your financial support. Your dollars help sustain our community development efforts.