The Factory Ministries walks alongside those facing issues of poverty in Eastern Lancaster County, offering services and programs to empower the whole family. Because of what Jesus has done for us, we believe that everyone’s journey matters and that significant learning takes place in the context of relationship.


The Factory Ministries is committed to empowering the whole family through relational services and with tools and resources. This empowerment system addresses poverty in holistic and sustainable ways. We offer services for all ages – Early Learning, Elementary Advocacy, Youth Center, Adult Services, and programs to equip the whole family – Factory Market and Crisis Housing.


The Factory Ministries exists to empower people, connect resources, and build community.


How we Empower
programs & services for all ages

Early Learning


Elementary Advocacy

Elementary School

Youth Center


Adult Advocacy


Factory Market

Whole Family

Crisis Housing

Whole Family

From the young to the old, we care for individuals as real people with real problems, not as numbers.


The Factory Ministries exists to empower others to strengthen their community.

Social Services

At The Factory Ministries, we believe that everyone’s journey matters!  Our social services department provides a relational and caring environment where adults who are under-resourced and struggling with poverty-related issues can find hope and help as they navigate through life.

Factory Youth Center

Life as a teenager is not easy, and difficulties increase significantly for students who live in under-resourced environments.  The youth center strives to provide a safe place for teens to connect with one another, get support and help from safe adult staff, and learn to overcome life’s obstacles knowing that God has their back and loves them unconditionally.

Community Collaboration

One of the ways we empower individuals to strengthen their community is by equipping them with information. The Factory Ministries facilitates community trainings and group consultations designed to put you in the driver’s seat of learning: discovering and experiencing the real issues of poverty, exploring true community collaboration, understanding leadership vision casting, and more.


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