Our Mission


The Factory Ministries walks alongside those facing issues of poverty in Eastern Lancaster County.


In 1994, two churches asked their neighbors, “What is the community’s greatest need?”  The neighbors responded, “a safe place for teens.” As a result, an old sewing factory in Paradise, PA was converted into The Factory Youth Center. Recognizing the need to serve the whole family, the name was changed to The Factory Ministries in 2011 and the organization began offering social services for adults. We now offer services for individuals of all ages and programs to empower the whole family. All of this is housed in the Together Community Center, a historical and renovated building in the heart of our community, now serving as a hub to connect needs to resources.


Because of what Jesus has done for us, we believe that everyone’s journey matters. Every service and program is designed to empower, to reach the whole family with friendship, to see individuals as real people with real problems, not as numbers.


We offer services for all ages – Early Learning, Elementary Advocacy, Youth Center, Adult Services, and programs to equip the whole family – Factory Market and Crisis Housing.


We believe in community collaboration, that we go further when we go together. The Factory Ministries is a proud member of the Together Initiative Network, a collaborative group of all sectors – nonprofits, churches, school district, businesses, medical groups, and local townships working together for the common good of the community.


The Factory Ministries exists to empower people, connect resources, and build community.



We collaborate with churches, social service providers, businesses, and individuals to serve our community. To go far, we go together.


We measure success through personal, spiritual, and relational growth, celebrating every step of the journey.


Understanding Poverty
We take a holistic approach, desiring to see every individual develop intellectual, physical, emotional, spiritual, relational, and financial resources.


We offer hope and empower people to reshape their future through a relational approach. Learning happens in the context of relationships.


We believe innovation, risk-taking, and endurance are vital to journeying through this life and tackling issues of poverty.


The Gospel
We are compelled by the love of Jesus to walk with people in grace and truth.


We honor human dignity and freedom by connecting people to tools and resources for empowerment and self-sufficiency.

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