As the days get darker and darker, we look forward to the lights of Christmas. Fires in fireplaces glow and flicker and Christmas lights on houses and Christmas trees sparkle and twinkle like starts. But more than the fires and light bulbs that will burn out with time, we look forward to the celebration of the coming of Jesus, the Great Light of the World who saves us from the darkness of sin and death. Many in our community are surrounded by darkness. They feel hopeless and stuck. But your gifts bring light to dark places. Your support of The Factory Ministries empowers individuals to rise up their circumstances and connect to physical, emotional, spiritual, financial, and relational resources. Visit to make a year-end gift to The Factory Ministries. Thank you for bringing light this Christmas season! #BringLight #FactoryLIGHTS #BringLightToDarkPlaces #BecauseEveryonesJourneyMatters

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