“Sometimes there are needs in families that surpass what I have been trained to do, and so I will refer them to The Factory whether that is (to) a Self-Sufficiency Advocate for additional support in certain areas, and then also to the Food Pantry.. Everybody has a different story, everybody has a different life journey. It’s important to recognize all of the struggles and all of the celebrations (that) everybody has during their journey, including parents of young kids. And young kids have stories too.” – Katie Beiler, Birth-to- 5 Literacy Liaison for the Pequea Valley School District Katie is one of the Birth-to-5 Literacy Liaisons working in the Pequea Valley School District. As the Birth-to-5 Literacy Liaison, Katie works with families to help prepare their children for kindergarten. Although Katie does not work for The Factory Ministries, her office is located at the Together Community, making her services accessible to families in our community. #FactoryFaces #ExtraGive #igiveextra — The Factory Ministries exists to empower others to strengthen their community. The Factory Ministries is a hub for connecting needs and resources for individuals and adults who find themselves under-resourced and struggling with issues of poverty. The Factory Ministries is participating in Extraordinary Give on November 16th! Throughout the month of November, we will be sharing stories of participants, volunteers, staff, and community members who have been impacted by the various resources offered through The Factory Ministries. For details on how you can be involved, visit https://tinyurl.com/factory-give

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