“We truly have a great system where people are loved and cared for, and relationships are built around that..No matter where they are at in the journey, they are always loved and cared for.” – Marilyn Weaver, Self-Sufficiency Advocate at The Factory Ministries Marilyn is a Self-Sufficiency Advocate at The Factory Ministries. As an advocate, Marilyn meets with individuals in our community who are struggling with issues of poverty, helping them set goals and create a new future story. The Factory Ministries’ Social Services Department provides a relational and caring environment, where individuals are equipped with resources and skills needed to overcome their circumstances. #FactoryFaces #ExtraGive #igiveextra — The Factory Ministries exists to empower others to strengthen their community. The Factory Ministries is a hub for connecting needs and resources for individuals and adults who find themselves under-resourced and struggling with issues of poverty. The Factory Ministries is participating in Extraordinary Give on November 16th! Throughout the month of November, we will be sharing stories of participants, volunteers, staff, and community members who have been impacted by the various resources offered through The Factory Ministries. For details on how you can be involved, visit https://tinyurl.com/factory-give

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