We’re looking back and moving forward!

We’re looking back and moving forward!

Dear Friend,

Because Susan (not her real name) had experienced severe trauma, she has been battling physical, emotional, financial, and relational difficulties. Her local primary care physician asked Susan if he could refer her to the social services department at The Factory Ministries. Within twelve hours, Susan walked into the Together Community Center and sat with a caring advocate. Though she was originally just asking for financial assistance, Susan connected relationally with her Advocate and began sharing her story.

Through Susan and the Advocate’s time together, Susan got connected to an array of resources including:  Spiritual (pastoral hours with a local pastor), Financial (with Tabor Community Services), Relational and Intellectual (she participated in our Intergenerational project with Elizabethtown College), Emotional (she was the recipient of a local business providing Valentine’s Day Flowers), and Physical (through LGH primary care doctor and The Factory Ministries’ Food Pantry).  Today, Susan is still struggling but knows that she could not do it without the support of her community that she has grown to love- that’s you!

I’m writing to you today to thank you for your continued support. Because of your financial gifts, volunteer hours, and prayers, stories like Susan’s are happening everyday. In addition to the youth center, food pantry, and social services, your support allows the Together Community Center to serve as a hub to offer great services and programs to the under-resourced of all ages. It is AMAZING to see what God has done through your support of The Factory Ministries over the last years.  This August, we are looking back and moving forward and you can join the movement!

Over the next four weeks, check your emails and social media or visit tiny.cc/lookingBACKmovingFORWARD to see video stories from individuals impacted by your gifts to The Factory Ministries. If you are not receiving our emails, sign up online at tiny.cc/getemails or call (717) 687-9594.Through these video stories, you can see individuals and families who are empowered through your gifts everyday!

Would you continue to empower those in need by giving today?

Please click here to give online!

Your support will help us reach our goal of $50,000 in the month of August!
Thank you in advance for looking back and moving forward with us.

Because everyone’s journey matters,

Chuck Holt



Watch this video of how our organization is looking back and moving forward!

Kate Lab
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